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7 Great Travel Escapes You Will Have Time for After Early Retirement

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

We live in a world where, unfortunately, we don’t appreciate time enough. We get consumed by the instinct to survive and spend our lives pursuing financial security. Fortunately, modern society also gives us the way out – an early retirement.

What After?

Those who have opted out for this life path sometimes will face this ‘first world problem’ – what to do with your free time? Understandably, you would want to spend it with your loved ones but where. Your home is great for hanging out but you must admit that it can get a little dull sometimes.

Because of this, we prepared a few of our favorite travel escapes that you should explore after you have collected your golden watch. This should give you plenty of inspiration for the years to come.

Camino de Santiago

Or also known by its English name “St. James’s Way”, is the collective name of a dozen ancient pilgrim routes that stretch across Europe coming to an end at the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. There are a great number of pilgrims that are set out on a spiritual quest along one of the Camino de Santiago routes. Others find the spiritual reasons along the way as they meet other seekers and they attend all the pilgrim mass meetings in the cathedrals, monasteries, and churches. Given the large infrastructure of some historical pilgrim buildings that were built over the course of many centuries, you’ll have the time of your life exploring the astonishing architecture in the breathtaking wonderland.


Camino de Santiago

The most popular route is the 500 mile long Camino Francés which stretches from St. Jean-Pied-du-Port in France and all the way to Santiago in Spain. The three major French routes: the Voie de Vezelay, Voie de Puy, and Voie de Tours – meet just at the start of the Camino Frances. This particular route can get very crowded during the summer season. Other more popular routes are the Spanish ones, Camino Inglés and the Camino Portugues.

Walking these routes isn’t difficult at all. Most of the stages are on a fairly flat ground and on great paths. The biggest issue is stamina. After 15-20 days of continuous walking you may experience sore feet, but as you got all the time in the world, take a break in some of the cities along the way. You’ll be more welcome.

Marataba Safari Lodge

Marataba Safari Lodge

Located in the imposing Waterberg Mountains, Marataba is a 23 000 hectare exclusive concession within Limpopo’s Marakele National Park, a malaria-free reserve offering the Big Five amidst magnificent bushveld and Waterberg mountain landscapes.  This high-class lodge displays Africa’s historic perception and tradition, the wonderful types and color showing an attractive getaway at the epicenter of contemporary style. Get into a haven of mystery in tranquility with the vitality of environment and the surroundings, created from ancient stone, sand and soil, elevated by murmuring waters and great scenery thru glass walls.

Marataba’s spectacular main lodge commemorates each ancient Africa and modern executive development. A dozen air-conditioned, spectacular tented rooms with en-suite lavatories and outside showers contain personal decks looking over the spectacular plains beneath.  Offering luxurious coziness between thrilling game drives and great connoisseur eating, Marataba takes the African safari to the whole new stage. Read more on Safari Lodge holidays.


Heaven on the earth that is what Switzerland is called. The country has an amazing profusion of natural impressiveness and tourism enticement. It’s blessed with diversified geographic pattern and a extraordinary blend of dialects, cultures, and lifestyle.

Switzerland is enticing. Looking forward to an unhurried jaunt to the beautiful Swiss Alps. From some of the greatest ski destinations in Europe to relaxing summer break along Lake Geneva or mountain walking in the Alps in the many hut to hut adventure walks.



Italy is more than pizza and pasta, it is a country with a rich history, a vibrant nightlife, and amazing culture. There is so much to enjoy when traveling to Italy, and we are not even talking about the amazing weather. Traveling to Italy is not just limited to a single location, each of the different parts of the country offers something amazing that you want to experience for yourself. See the ultimate adventure tour of Italy, Lake Garda, or even Sicily for a bit more relaxation.



Cuba has recently started opening its doors to American tourists, but Europeans have been visiting for many years. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, Cuba has so much natural beauty that it can almost seem overwhelming at times. Even some of the more seasoned travelers have said that Cuba is the most beautiful place they have ever visited. The combination of poverty mixed with the passionate culture makes this an exceedingly interesting place to visit.


If you want to stretch your money as much as possible, Thailand offers a great option for retired travelers. Street food is relatively inexpensive and you are able to get a great stay for very little money. Thailand offers some spectacular sunsets, amazing beach locations and much more. The Thai culture is also very welcoming to visitors, making this a great place to unwind.

South Africa

Especially budget-conscious retirees would benefit from traveling to South Africa because the South African rand has recently depreciated in value quite drastically. If you want to get up close with live animals and you love being outdoors, South Africa has a great deal to offer you. Many people have a safari on their bucket list, making this a great place to visit.


What Israel might not have much in the way of actual historical existence, it certainly makes up for it in cultural importance. Israel might be one of the most contentious states in the world, but it certainly offers a great deal for visitors. The beautiful weather, the rich history of the different locations and historical importance (especially when looking at Jerusalem) makes Israel one of the best places to visit for retirees who want to experience this important hotspot. Israel is certainly going to entice many different retirees – especially with the many beautiful sights that it has to offer. See Israel tours.

Rebecca writes for Early Retirement a financial planning company in Dublin.